Patrick McGinnis Featured in Business Insider and New York Times

Patrick McGinnis, creator of the term FOMO and host of the successful new podcast FOMO Sapiens was featured in two major publications last week. Business Insider spoke about Patrick’s strategies around starting a new venture, and the approach he takes in his personal life.

There was also an interview with Patrick by Tim Herrera, writer for the New York Times and editor of Smarter Living. Tim talked with Patrick about the origins of FOBO – Fear of a Better Option, a phrase McGinnis coined to describe a type of mental paralysis that can happen when making decisions – and FOMO, and how he feels about them both right now.

Take a few minutes to read these and make your own determination if you are living your live with FOMO.

Ryan Williams: FOMO & the Influencer Economy

Social media expert Ryan Williams, author of The Influencer Economy, kicks off FOMO Sapiens by exploring how influencers really drive social media marketing, how they’re used to manipulate consumer behavior, and how YOU can harness this powerful tool to drive early adoption and sales- and avoid being unwittingly manipulated yourself.