Cheryl Einhorn: The Science Of Good Decisions

Despite our lofty intellects, consistently good decision-making is one of the biggest challenges to humans. Cheryl Einhorn developed the AREA Method when she decided to apply science to the art of deciding- the result was a strategic tool used by some of the most powerful organizations in the world. On this episode, Cheryl shares the process that led to developing AREA, and why our increasingly complex modern world demands better decisions.

FOMO: Cheryl Einhorn from AdvertisingWeek on Vimeo.

Diego Gonzalez: Hometown Kid Makes Good Code

FOMO Sapiens’ youngest guest shares his triumphs, failures, and learnings from his problem-solving ventures born of hackathons: a peer-to-peer tutoring client, StudentPeer, and a novel use of the diagnostic tool Microlisa as an affordable, low-friction lung cancer screening tool. Diego Gonzalez shows us that while FOMO knows no age limits, neither does entrepreneurship – and the earlier you start, the better.

FOMO: Diego Gonzales from AdvertisingWeek on Vimeo.

Jacob Fain: Moneyball for the Music Industry

What makes a hit? Jacob Fain of Sony/ATV Music Publishing knows that the path from creative genius to creative success is rarely a straight line. In this episode of FOMO Sapiens, Jacob shares the thoughts, processes, and tools that music A&R uses to bring the next big thing to the world.

jacob from AdvertisingWeek on Vimeo.

Vana Koutsomitis: Fun Beats FOMO

Vana Koutsomitis is in the business of relationships – and she knows that what brings people together the best is fun. She’s the CEO of DatePlay, where romantic matches meet by playing mobile games together, creator of VinobyVana wines, and a branding and marketing strategist. In this episode of FOMO Sapiens, Vana talks about how to turn social influence into startup success.

vana from AdvertisingWeek on Vimeo.

FOs of Future Past

Ben Schreckinger has written for Politico and GQ about the intersection of politics, culture, and the economy for years- from the seismic impact of millennials on the market to the rise of Trump- and the first article about FOMO, featuring yours truly.

In this week’s episode, Ben dons his journalist hat and turns the tables, interviewing ME about the history- and future- of FOMO and FOBO!

FOs of Future Past from AdvertisingWeek on Vimeo.

Craig Dubitsky: “Hello” Disruption: Fighting FOMO With Love, Not Fear

Craig Dubitsky, the nice guy behind disruptors Hello and EOS, knows building a brand around positivity doesn’t just give you warm fuzzies- it gives you breakout success.

On this week’s FOMO Sapiens!

FOMO Sapiens: Craig Dubitsky, Founder, Hello Products from AdvertisingWeek on Vimeo.